Anglers still searching Sabine

ORANGE, TEXAS – The second day of the first Elite Series stop has anglers asking the same question – “Where to now?”

And it’s probably a wise question. Thursday’s catch, during the opener of the 2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues, was a guessing game. The best pros in the business came and they then scattered to the winds. Some went west, farther into Texas. Some went north—or South. Many went East into Louisiana.

What they found, by and large, was a slim bite that has them wondering if they should change it up today.

Shaw Grigsby, the veteran Florida angler who sits in 39th place with just under six pounds of fish, said he and his fellow fishers will have to stick to their gameplans.

“I think everyone here is an extreme competitor or they wouldn't be here,” Grigsby said. “These are 'Alpha Predators'—the top-line guys. They're after them. When you're that competitive, it doesn't change what you do, you just go at them hard.”

David Walker fared a bit better. He is in 21st place with 7-15, but realizes the fishery so far, has been tough on everyone.

“Obviously, it's been tough on everybody, but it's probably not that you're in the wrong area. For me, I just have to hunker down and make the most of what I've got, rather than explore and find new water.”

Todd Faircloth, who lives in Texas, sits in 10th place with a 10-7 bag on Thursday. He said he too has to sit on the areas he knows have keeper fish. That bite (the size limit is 14 inches,) is key, he said.

“Here, it's all about an area,” he said. “You can go to a lot of places and not catch a keeper. I don't know if some of the areas where the guys caught them yesterday are going to replenish. Are they going to have to make an adjustment?”

Food for thought, to be cetrtain. But another Texan, Matt Reed, says he's going to stick with what worked for him on Thursday. He sits in seventh place with a 10-13 total.

“When I caught my fifth one, I put my pole down and left,” Reed said. “You don't know if you have any left. It's an area, but I don't know that I left any. I just knew I wasn't going to catch another one.”