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FishSticks 4X Lure Enhancer - Combo Pack

KVD's scent of choice - a key part to his arsenal and success

A Bass Pro Exclusive! Shad/Crawfish scents. Convenient pocket sizeEasy, no-mess application, no need to constantly reapply. Won't melt at temps up to 130 degrees.

Forget everything you knew about using attractants. FishSticks 4X Lure Enhancer adheres to any type of lure, making any lure a star performer. This product contains 4 times the amount of real crawfish and 4 times the real shad as FishSticks original formula. Whats more, FishSticks 4X Lure enhancer stays on your lure?so theres no need to constantly reapply. Combo Pack: 2 tubes, .15 oz. each.