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KVD Rodent or Baby Rodent Softbaits

Strike King Baby Rodent softbaits


  • Big, meaty profile attracts plenty of attention
  • Waving legs and dual tail flaps do a number on big bass
  • Enhanced with coffee bean granules and coffee bean oil for unmatched scent and taste

Other than the big, meaty body, we don't know how these unique Softbaits got their names. After all, the Rodent and Baby Rodent's waving legs and dual tail flaps suggest a different kind of critter altogether. But there's no doubting that the Rodents will do a number on big bass. Strike King's level of detail is unmatched, and the profile and action will attract plenty of attention even in heavy cover. Jig it or rig it, and hold on tight! Strike King's Rodents are enhanced with real coffee bean granules and coffee bean oil to give the tubes an earthy tinge and a naturally strong scent/taste big bass are eager to slurp up. Not only does the coffee scent/flavor entice and encourage fish to hold the bite longer, it also works to mask human scents. They are salt-impregnated too!

Available Colors: Watermelon Meat, Blue Bug, Hard Candy, Plum Crazy, Honey Candy, Black Blue Flake, Summer Craw, Amistad Special, Big Tex, Double Header-Red, Watermelon Red Flake, Candy Craw, Falcon Lake Craw, June Bug, Double Header Candy, Green Pumpkin, Okeechobee Craw, California Craw, Bama Bug, Summer Craw,