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KVD Silent Stalker Xtra Deep Diver Crankbaits

Strike King crankbaits

A Bass Pro Exclusive!

  • Elicit strikes from skittish bass
  • Tremendous side-to-side swimming action
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Complete with premium components

Rattling lures do work—there’s no disputing that—but remember: real baitfish don’t rattle. Designed to get the big bite when the bass are acting skittish, the KVD Silent Stalker has the same great action and irresistible wobble as the Strike King® Pro Model crankbait without the added noise of internal rattles to chase wary lurkers away. Plus they are available in Kevin's best colors!


Available Colors: Brown Ghost Craw, Gizzard Shad, Citrus Shad, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Orange Belly Craw, Green Gizzard Shad, Sexy Ghost Minnow, Sexy Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Bluegill, Green Ghost Craw, Natural Brown Crawdad, Gizzard Shad, Citrus Shad, Sexy Blue Back Herring