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Mustad UltraPoint KVD Weighted Grip-Pin Swimbait Hook


Keeps expensive swimbaits perfectly pinned and ready to fish, without tearing the plastic. The Mustad UltraPoint® KVD Weighted Grip-Pin Swimbait Hook utilizes a no-slip, no-slide design that's easy to rig and more effective at holding your bait in place. The weighted shank adds distance to your casts and allows your swimbait to fall evenly, in a natural posture, triggering more strikes. Mustad's UltraPoint Technology features a chemically sharpened, Nor-tempered straight-shank hook with Opti-Angle Needle Point for strong jaw penetration on the hookset. Stealthy Black Nickel finish.

  • Keeps swimbaits pinned and ready to fish
  • Revolutionary keeper won't tear the plastic
  • No-slip, no-slide design is easy to rig
  • Effectively holds bait in place
  • Weighted shank for longer casts and an even, natural fall
  • Chemically sharpened, Nor-tempered straight-shank hook
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point for strong hooksets
  • Stealthy Black Nickel finish