Costa Pros Talk Lens Colors and Frames

Soft plastics deserve TLC, too

A good pair of fishing sunglasses are not one size (or color) fits all. Just like you’d want a different rod and reel setup when throwing a jerkbait in open water versus a topwater frog in heavy cover, different face structures and conditions call for various frame and lens color selections regarding sunglasses.

Bass Pro Tour competitors Casey AshleyMarty Robinson, and Kevin VanDam all agree that’s one of their favorite things about Costa Sunglasses. The iconic Florida-based eyewear brand offers a myriad of different frame styles and lens options to fit any angler’s needs.

“Broad or skinny face, man or woman, young or old – Costa has a frame that’ll fit you,” said the always easy-going Casey Ashley. “The new PRO Series frames take the search for a ‘perfect fit’ a step further with the adjustable nose pads. Finding a pair of shades that fit well is crucial, but so is the right lens color, and a lot of anglers don’t pay enough attention to that.”

Ashley and Robinson have worn Costas on their face every day they’ve been on the water for nearly two decades. KVD joined the Costa team at the start of 2022, but just as he approaches everything in his career, VanDam did his research and left no stone unturned when aligning with Costa.

In general, all three pros agree that Sunrise Silver and Green Mirror lenses are must-haves. But, there are still plenty of discrepancies in the frame and lens combination that best suits each angler.

  • Casey Ashley – Fantail PRO and Jose frames. Always 580g.
    • Green Mirror lens for everyday fishing.
    • Sunrise Silver in low-light situations, like dawn, dusk and overcast conditions.
  • Marty Robinson – Corbina frames. Always 580g.
    • Green Mirror lens 99% of the time.
  • Kevin VanDam – Blackfin PRO and Reefton PRO frames. Always 580g.
    • Sunrise Silver 75% of the time.
    • Green Mirror on the brightest days.

      Lens colors should be considered similarly to lures, fishing line, or rod actions than a simple style choice. They are tools best suited for certain conditions and scenarios. Costa offers seven lens colors that are best suited for different light conditions; that’s why many savvy anglers pack multiple pairs of sunglasses in their boats and trucks.

      There are resources like Costas’ Virtual Mirror that take a lot of the guesswork out of online shopping but Robinson, Ashley, and KVD insist that seeing how a pair looks and feels in person is ideal.

      “There are tools on Costas’ website that’ll help you see frame fit and choose lens color but finding a dealer in your area and actually putting a few pairs on your face is the best way to go,” Robinson said. “Talk to your buddies, use online resources, but you can’t beat seeing it for yourself.”

      Sunglasses play a multi-faceted role for bass fishermen. They protect our eyes from UV and HEV light, from debris when running to the next spot, from errant hooks and weights, but most importantly they allow you to see into the water – which results in catching more fish.

      Whether that’s spotting a tucked-away spawning bass, noticing pieces of overlooked cover, or easily making out the edge of a deep grass line, a good pair of optics absolutely equates to more bites and more bass.

      “As anglers, you can’t overstate just how important our eyes are to what we do on the water,” VanDam said. “The bottom line is, Costa’s help us see more in the water. But just like lures, electronics, or anything else in your boat, you must understand the tool to really get the most out of it. Learning about the ‘why’ is just as important as the ‘what;’ that’s partially why I’ve really enjoyed diving into the details around the four new PRO Series frames. All the technology included is performance-driven and, man, they are just hard to beat.”

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