How to rig a swimbait? Swimbait Rigging techniques by KVD

How to rig a swimbait

Swim baits are one of my favorite baits, and I think everybody knows how effective they can be. One of the things with the swim bait is that there are a lot of different ways you can rig them.

You can put them on a jig head, you can put them on a belly-weighted hook, but take something like a Rage Swimmer and rig it with a treble hook so that if a fish just comes up and bats at it or just bumps it or anything like that, you’re just never going to catch them with those single-hooked rigging options.

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Why Use a Treble Hook?

I like to use it with a treble hook, basically like some of this line-through swim baits that we use for big fish—some of these big baits like that—where you don’t weigh the swim bait in their mouth so they can throw it or anything. So I can take a Rage Swimmer and do the same thing.

All I need is a hook that I use as a needle, a rivet which is a stopper on the backside, and then a treble hook. You can add whatever weight you want.

Step-by-Step Rigging Process

To start the process, and it doesn’t matter, I mean, I can do this with any size Rage Swimmer. I use a 375, a 475, and the big one, the 575 a lot for this rigging option.

Preparing the Needle

All you do first is just tie on a hook. I just took a straight shank hook and cut it off, and I’m using it as a needle. So I just tie this on real quick to be able to thread this line through the bait. I’ve got this tied to my rod, and again, you can use it with a bait caster or a spinning rod. Just depending on the size of the Rage Swimmer that I’m going to rig is how I’m going to throw it.

Threading the Line Through the Bait

Right now, I’m going to rig a 4.75 Rage Swimmer. All you do is just stick it into the nose, and then I’m gonna have it come out just in front of that hook slot in the belly of it, and then just pull that through. That’s how you get the line through.

Adding the Rivet

So now I’m going to just take a regular pop rivet. This is just the cap to a pop rivet. I just put that on there, thread that on there, and that’s going to be my stopper. That’s what’s going to keep that hook from pulling back through and allow you to catch multiple fish on that Rage Swimmer.

Optional Weights

For this one right here, I don’t have any weight on it at all. You can fish it this way, and it fishes up close to the surface, or you can put a bullet weight on it. I can put an eighth-ounce or a 3/16-ounce Tour Grade Tungsten bullet weight on the front and just really allow that bait to get down in the water column. You can use whatever size weight you want on there.

Attaching the Treble Hook

I just tie that on there, pull it tight against the rivet so that it plugs back into that hole, and I’ve got a little number two treble on there. I just bury one belly hook in there, and you are basically set and ready to go.

Advantages of the Treble Hook Rig

This gives you a great option to fish it on top; you can buzz it along the surface. Something that I’ve learned that this really helps is if I want to speed up my retrieval. This is just lead wire that you can buy at a fly-tying shop just for wrapping around the hook.

Adding Lead Wire for Balance

I can take a little bit of this and put some on there. Just start wrapping it on there and put as much as you want. What this does by putting a little weight on the hook itself is it balances that hook out so that it’s always going to end up on the bottom and keep that swim bait from rolling.

So I put a little bit of lead on the hook. It doesn’t affect your hook ability or anything like that, so every time that’s in the water now, having that little bit of lead on there is going to make that hook roll over and keep that thing swimming in a straight line.

Conclusion: How to rig a swimbait

This is a great option to rig a swim bait, like a Rage Swimmer, and have an exposed treble hook. It’s really good for Smallmouth bass, really good for Spotted bass, but even good for Largemouth as long as you don’t have heavy grass or wood or brush.

This is the way that I prefer to rig it. It’s just a better option to get a better strike-to-land ratio with a treble hook than you would with a single-hook option. Again, you can do it with any size; they swim great, work fantastic, and it’s just a deadly combination.



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