When we think of tournament bass fishing, we often think about rods, reels, line and lures, because they’re the nuts and bolts of bass fishing. Exactly where and how we store those nuts and bolts of the business is usually an afterthought.

Many think a tackle box is a just a tackle box – a plastic box that holds lures – and any old tackle box will do. But as a professional angler, where and how I store my lures is just as important as where and how I cast those lures.

Extreme efficiency has always been a cornerstone of my success and being able to organize and access tackle quickly is a critical part of the game. Rummaging around in the boat aimlessly trying to find a piece of tackle is a waste of precious time. Accessing tackle quickly means more casts during a tournament day for me.

Building a Better Tackle Box

A clear lid and easy-to-read labeling on the Plano EDGE Series of tackle boxes increases my speed and efficiency on the water. Photo by Kevin VanDam

Like with everything in the sport, I’m always looking for an edge and when it comes to tackle storage I found it, literally, with Plano’s EDGE Series tackle boxes. The Plano EDGE Series has been several years in the making. To develop this line of advanced boxes, Plano sought input from many facets of fishing, from bass pros to saltwater anglers to walleye pros to kayakers to fly fishing experts.

Everything from the basics of durability to the newest technical innovations have been figured into the production of these boxes.

The first major improvement that jumps right out at you with the EDGE Series is the use of DuraView for the construction of the box, which allows for a crystal-clear top with no visual interference, so you can easily see the contents. No more guessing if this “might be” the right box; one look and you know.

The introduction of EZ Label on the leading edge of the boxes is another improvement in increasing the efficiency of the organizational process. I can write the box contents right up front where I can see it clearly when the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

Another major upgrade is a one-latch design, so I can open the box with one hand. I no longer have to unsnap multiple latches with both hands to gain access. Just a single snap and I’m in.

Plano continued the use of its proven Dri-Loc seal with the EDGE boxes to keep them completely watertight. If you happen to get a little water into the box from humidity or a wet lure, Rustrictor technology has been infused into the molding. This creates a corrosion-resistant atmosphere inside the box, impeding rust before it can even start.

In addition, Plano has added Water Wick absorption to their boxes in the form of a divider. Water Wick is a moisture-absorbing compound that actually pulls moisture away from the lures.

Speaking of dividers, they’re vented to allow airflow through the box when closed. Each divider is now custom cut for its intended slot and ready to insert, so the days of cutting off the molded connector tabs are over.

All of these features are built upon Plano’s iconic 3600 and 3700 footprints, which have become tackle storage standards over the last 30 years. The Edge 3700 Standard box is still my go-to size for much of my organization and storage, maintaining the same dimensions that I ‘ve used for years to pack, stack and protect with extreme efficiency.

However, Plano didn’t stop with 3600 and 3700 boxes. They went beyond that to build customized boxes for specific lures, plastics and terminal tackle.

The EDGE Bladed Jig Box is one of my favorites. Finally, a smart way to store bladed jigs! Photo by Kevin VanDam

Finally, a Box for Bladed Jigs

This box features custom posts that hold your bladed jig in place so you can see the size head, color of the blade, etc. What’s even better is that this box will actually hold any kind of jig – flipping, punching or swimming. So don’t think it’s only for bladed jigs – it holds plenty of other jigs as well.

Finally, the capacity of this box is enormous: I can literally stack between 75 to 100 jigs into this one box and it keeps them perfectly in line without becoming a tangled mess.

Great New Crankbait, Spinnerbait Storage

I’m also a big fan of the EDGE Crankbait boxes. The boxes come in two sizes: the Small Crankbait Box and the XL Utility Crankbait Box. Both feature cushy beds of silicone tentacles that cradle the lures and keep their hooks from tangling with other hooks.

The dividers in the EDGE Utility Spinnerbait Box use Water Wick technology, which draws moisture away from spinnerbait skirts. Photo by Kevin VanDam

The small box is great for any hard baits up to about 4 to 4-1/2 inches. For big crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwaters that are 5 inches plus, the XL box is a better choice because it’ll hold those bigger baits vertically, so I can get more lures in one box.

The Spinnerbait Utility Box is also one of my favorites in the EDGE lineup. It’s deep enough to hold even the largest spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, with trailers and trailer hooks still attached. The Water Wick technology in the divider really pays off with this box since spinnerbait and buzzbait skirts can hold a lot of moisture.

Taming your Terminal Tackle

Finally, the EDGE Terminal Box is something that’s long overdue in the realm of quality tackle storage. This box comes with smaller internal boxes inside designed to hold a variety of weight sizes, nail weights, drop-shot weights, O-rings, splint rings, swivels. You know how all those little terminal parts and pieces always seem to escape their compartment and intermingle with other terminal tackle?

Those days are finally over with the Edge Terminal box, proving that Plano has succeeded in building a better tackle box for just about any angler’s specific needs.