How to find fishing spots from banks of ponds, streams, lakes and rivers

How to find fishing spots

If you’re an avid angler like me, you know there are plenty of great fishing opportunities around, especially from the shore. Growing up, I spent countless hours fishing in ponds, and I often found success by simply asking landowners for permission to fish in their private lakes. However, the real adventure begins when you start exploring new spots on your own. Head over to Bass Pro Shops to get the top-quality fishing tools I rely on.

How to find fishing spots

 Using Google Earth for Fishing Spots

One of the best tools at your disposal is Google Earth. This powerful resource allows you to scour the landscape for bodies of water near roads. Look for areas with bridges, dams, or creek crossings—these can be fantastic fishing locations.

Rivers: A Prime Fishing Location

In my area, rivers provide some of the best shore fishing experiences. The Kazoo River is one of my favorite spots, known for its abundant smallmouth bass. It offers numerous access points and places where roads and bridges cross over, making it easy to find a good fishing spot.

Doing Your Research

Finding the perfect fishing spot requires some research, much like scouting for a hunting location. You need to identify where you can get access, especially in areas with a lot of private land. Fortunately, in Michigan, we are blessed with a wealth of water bodies and fishing opportunities.

Even if you live in a different part of the country, you might find even better spots in parks and areas with major bridges that provide extensive shore access.

Covering More Water

When fishing from the bank, it’s important not to stay in one place for too long. Unlike boat fishing, shore fishing requires you to move around to cover more water and increase your chances of catching fish. This strategy not only helps you find more active fish but also makes the experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

How to find fishing spots?

By incorporating these tips and doing a bit of research, you can uncover fantastic local fishing spots and enjoy a rewarding time on the water. Happy fishing!

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