Tips for fishing in rain: KVD Techniques

fishing in rain

Knowing how to react to lighting changes is important, and this happens when it rains. KVD breaks down how to read weather conditions in the rain when fishing and some Tips for fishing in rain.

My Favorite Technique to Use When fishing in rain

Well, that’s easy. It doesn’t matter to the fish; they’re already wet, right? But what rain does is it generates a low light condition, and that’s really a positive thing. Anytime you’re bass fishing, especially for largemouth, they’re a low light feeder; they’re a low light predator. Head over to Bass Pro Shops to get the top-quality fishing tools I rely on.

The Advantage of Rain for Bass Fishing

When you get that rain, you have cloud cover, which cuts the light penetration down. Just having that rain hitting the water doesn’t bother the fish; they don’t run from it, they’re not scared of it. They know in those conditions that they have an advantage over the bluegill, the shad, the crayfish, and things like that.

Preferred Baits for Rainy Conditions

I like to power fish when it’s raining. My number one bait is a spinnerbait, or it would be a Thunder Cricket. I mean, I can cover a lot of water with it, and they’ve got great attracting qualities.

Technique for Using Baits

The biggest thing when you’re fishing any of those baits is don’t just fire them out there and reel them back in. Any lure, I mean, add action to it. Just like we’re talking about that gravel dog just deflecting off cover and that’s what triggers fish. It’s the same thing with your spinnerbait, your swim jig, or your bladed jig.

Make it hit stuff. Rip it out of the grass, bounce it off of the corner of a dock piling, stop and start it. If you’re in open water and you don’t have anything to hit, again, just stop and start, speed it up, slow it down. Quick movements, quick erratic movements out of a bait are what trigger fish into biting.

Conclusion: Fishing in rain

So, on a rainy day, those fish are already active. The strike zone is going to get bigger, so you want to have something that’s going to be able to cover that water.

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