Power Finesse Fishing: Bass Fishing Drop Shot Technique By KVD

Power Finesse Fishing

The best way to finesse fish? Add power fishing principles to your finesse presentations! Turn your drop shot fishing into an effective ‘bombing’ technique. It’s all about casting more, covering more water, changing up your #dropshot presentation, and catching more bass!

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Power Finesse Fishing

Power finesse to me is really the same bait that you’re probably used to for finesse fishing, but I try to put a few twists on it. You know, again, either in the presentation, the weight, the boat positioning, all those things. I’m just, I’m really focused on efficiency.

You’re trying to cover as much water as you can. You’re trying to find the fish, you’re trying to trigger as many strikes as you can, make it as easy as possible, and as fast and efficient, but using a finesse base. So, you know, I’ve got quite a few rods here set up with some of my favorite things that I like to use.

Key Technique: Power Finesse Fishing with a Drop Shot

For sure, far and away, because I fish a lot of smallmouth lakes in Michigan, power finesse fishing with a drop shot is key. We call it bombing. You know, we’ll take a heavy drop shot, you know, a half-ounce weight even in shallower water, and just cast that thing out there, just bomb it around, and you can get a lot of fish to react to it on that initial fall just because of the speed of it landing near them.

Practical Application

So, you know, I’ll pitch it along the brake, I’ll be just going straight down the brake, looking out in front of me with my 360, looking for, you know, if there’s a grass clump or tree or something. I know it’s the exact distance and direction. I’ll bomb the drop shot over there to it, let it sink to, you know, partway through the water column, and then tight line it to the bottom.

Bass Fishing Drop Shot Technique Key By KVD

That’s one of the keys with that drop shot, is that if you watch a bait on a drop shot fall, a lot of times it’s just spiraling down if you slackline it. But as soon as I tighten that up, that dream shot right there, it swims perfectly straight in a line, just like a minnow does.

So I’ll let it sink. If it’s 50 feet deep, I’ll let it sink to 40, and then that last 10 feet, I’ll time that and just let it glide into the spot. Or if it’s five feet, you cast and just tight-line it right to the bottom. If it’s 10 feet, you know, shallower water, you can do that. So again, I’m just trying to have that bait have its best action in that particular zone.


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